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601 Walnut street in downtown Red Bluff (across from the Wells Fargo Bank)

Open Tuesday-Friday 11-5
Saturday: Noon-4 pm


Frequently Asked Questions


1. Do artists PAY to have a show at the Gallery?

No. While this is a worldwide trend and most galleries now charge an artist for a show, the Red Bluff Art Gallery does not. We do offer OPTIONAL publicity packages for a fee, but they are not mandatory.

2. Do we pay our artists?

YES. We pay for sales on the 15th of the month following a sale.

3. Can I have an exhibit right away?

No. You can submit an application and book 6-12 months in advance. We do a lot of publicity to attract buyers to exhibits and plan shows well in advance.You can rent space in the Window Gallery section if you want exposure a little sooner.

4. Do you hire employees?

No. The gallery is run entirely by Phil Dynan and Ana Nelson. Jacquie Brown is a volunteer at the gallery and much appreciated.