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The small horse lay
sweetly on its side
forever to stay asleep.

The wind ever so gently
ruffled its dark hair.

Two small hoofed feet
lay side by side
partners till the end.

Gracefully the long legs
stretched out, still ready.

Except now it was a hollow paper mâché
of what the horse had been
with only a large dark cavity
where the heart and lungs had been.

The vultures kept circling
this shell of life.

The bones were still hidden
by the dried tight skin
in stretched brown velvet.

All the elusive spark,
had been sucked out
by many needful things -
other animals, the sun, even that gentle wind.

The small horse lay here
where it had been
left out on the vast open plain
where no name
and paskenta intersect.

It's still there waiting
for some sign, some event
to make it disappear
to transform it
from here and back again.



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