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Catherine Douglass

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Catherine Douglass

Catherine Douglass - Pawing Through

"Pawing Through" ($65)

Catherine Douglass - Busy Life

"Busy Life" ($65)


Artist's Statement

To me my art is special, each piece has a meaning or feeling all its own. Drawing and painting has been a passion for me since I was very young. I believe in my heart it's a gift from God. Creating art is a good outlet. When each piece is completed I feel completely pleased with each outcome. I am honoring the memory of my parents and my brother and sister too.this work to show my children and grandchildren you can have your dreams come true. And I want to show art is so important too for anyone. Sharing the gift of to new eyes.

Catherine Douglass art

Wheels Travel Abstractly ($65)

Catherine Douglass art

Were Likely ($65)

Catherine Douglass art

This is Earthy ($65)

Catherine Douglass Art

Heavenly Sort ($65)