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Watercolors by Franc SIlveria

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Watercolors by Franc Silveria


Zebra watercolor by Franc Silveria


I work mostly in watercolor because I love the transparent, light feel, that seems to bring out the about-to-move-because-it's-alive in the creatures I'm trying to capture (I paint mostly animals) but these are just my core work. I like to try other things. I do pen and ink stippling, mixed media, and pencil work and some photography.

I am also an elementary school teacher and try to bring a love of doing art and exploring new avenues to my students. As I tell them, "Each person is a jewel. If you're only polishing one facet, you're not doing justice to the gem."


"Stained Glass Lily"

Watercolor by Franc Silveria


"Peacock Feather"

Watercolor by Franc Silveria


Tree Frogs

Watercolor by Franc Silveria


Full Spectrum Grasp

Watercolor by Franc Silveria



Stipple Outline Frog

Drawing by Franc Silveria