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601 Walnut street in downtown Red Bluff (across from the Wells Fargo Bank)

Open Tuesday-Friday 11-5
Saturday: Noon-4 pm


The Community Mural Project

Red Bluff Mural Project

"It is a breath of fresh air in this broken town with all the empty storefronts downtown".

"I drive by to see progress every night - in fact I've changed my driving route to see the mural progress."

"It makes EVERYBODY smile!"

"My husband says he could look at the mural for hours. The kids love it too".

(Above) Just some of the comments received.

Community Mural Project

(above) Progress during May 2014 including guests from London (UK) helping with painting on the mural.

Anastasia Nelson & Phil Dynan

(Above) Ana and Phil painting together

Red Bluff  Mural Project

(Above: March 22nd. working on three of the six panels. (With a little supervision by Will and Uno.)

YOU can support the community project - stop by the Gallery and see how


How Did the Mural Happen?

Originally inspired by a painting done by Ana Nelson and Phil Dynan, the downtown mural project began with a request by Roy Gould. Roy has spent a lot of time and energy on various beautification projects in downtown Red Bluff. He immediately saw the value of the color and humor in “Cow 223” and asked his tenants, Phil & Ana, if the image could be painted on the side of his building. From there, the vision expanded to include five more panels, all animals residing in Tehama County!

Phil & Ana started painting the cow panel and immediately were approached by members of the community who wanted to help. Dr. Don Gerber, age 90, was one of the first volunteers to do “fill-in” work. Don is a retired dentist, but has always had a talent for drawing and art. Don was quickly joined by Anthony Barajas, age 9. Anthony has already demonstrated a true talent for art and as seen here, with classmate Bekka, began plotting the grid work for panel number two.

The six panels will take about three months to complete and include “Cow 223”; “Baby” an
adopted pony; “Nugoro” a miniature donkey; “Bunny” a Barbados Sheep; “Gertie”, a retired mule; and “Alberta” a calico cat who truly believes she is a human (favorite food: Asparagus!!).

Red Bluff, California mural project





Tehama County Arts Resources



Bobs Tire Center sponsor of the Community Mural

Bob's Tire Center

Linda Stevenson Dunlop (Panel Sponsor)

Janette Kidd

Jane Caughey

Willem van Opijnen, DDS

Don Gerber, DDS

Don Gerber, DDS

Lauren Malner

Lauren and Rachel Malner

McCarthy and Rubright, LLP

Jim & Margaret Nelson

Katie Nealon

Jan Webb

Anthony & Bekka

Anthony & Bekka

Arnie Gatton

Susanne Oakley

Bob Loomis

Margaret Brett-Turenne

Lalo Solache

Julie Olson

Veronica Carrel

John & Debra Reiger

Paper Russells

Michael Nauert

Tony Baker

Tony Baker painting mural

Alex Romain, M.D.

Alex Romain, M.D. painting

Jacquie Brown

Jed Rumble

Marlu Stroud

Frank Leonard

Larry Osborne

Cathy Goodin

Fremont Able Construction

Linda Miller

Linda Oslin

The Epley Family

Michael Putman, DC

Jim Smith

Alfred Garcia

Jeff Vance

Jeff Vance painting on the mural

Tehama Probation Dept.