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601 Walnut street in downtown Red Bluff (across from the Wells Fargo Bank)

Open Tuesday-Friday 11-5
Saturday: Noon-4 pm






Our Friends

Original and creative Artwork by Phil & Ana Dynan.

"Our Animals" is meant to be part of counter-pop culture. The images of our friends (we are well acquainted with all these beings) conveys their individual personalities. On an "invisible" level we are suggesting that these creatures are not so different from you and I, that just maybe, you should think more carefully about mistreating or eating them "because they are animals".

On another level they are portrayed in bright colours, with creative flourish. They bring the viewer a sense of joy and happiness. We saw no reason to follow the pop-culture "trend" of promoting violence and sadistic separatism.

We create this work in joy and with the intention of bringing our original thinking and creative works into a world that deserves more joy, more positivity and more pleasurable sensory input.

We hope you enjoy!