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601 Walnut street in downtown Red Bluff (across from the Wells Fargo Bank)

Open Tuesday-Friday 11-5
Saturday: Noon-4 pm



To apply for an exhibition at the Red Bluff Art Gallery:

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window gallerywindow gallery

The Window Gallery (Map)

Window Gallery

The Window Gallery faces the street and is prime gallery space. It has ample electric outlets and lighting and suitable for just about any type of installation. Exhibits can be solo, shared, or group.

window gallery viewed from outside

You can apply to use this space for a one month exhibition.

Click here to apply

Window Gallery seen from street



Cooperative Gallery Coperative Gallery


Scheduled Exhibition in the Main Hall

Artist Reception in the Main HallStage Area

Above Photos of the Main Hall- an Artists' Reception - the stage area can be used for exhibit, but was used for live music for this particular Reception.

The Main Hall measures about 50 x 15 feet, including the stage area. Artist-Members are given preference to hang in the regularly scheduled exhibits, which are generally booked 6-12 months in advance. Anyone, from any country, may apply. There is no fee to exhibit in the Main Hall, but artists are strongly advised to participate in the publicity and promotion part of the exhibition planning. Artists who do not participate in the Publicity aspect will be asked to pay a 50% commission on sales. Artists who do participate in the publicity programme pay a 40% commission on sales. We have found that the more publicity there is for an event, the more sales there are. Gallery Shows may be solo, two-person, or group. Groups are required to pay a management fee of $150, in addition to being required to participate in the Publicity Programme. Apply here for an exhibit in the Main Hall.

Web Page (Artist Members)

Any artist, from any country, may join as a Supporting Member of the Gallery and is then entitled to a web page presence (their own page, up to 6 images per year, no ads). Fees for being a supporting member are generally $95 a year. Apply Here.

Video Presentations

John ToddShay Kun

Above (L) the Time-Lapse photography of English photographer John Todd; (R) the art of New York environmental artist Shay Kun

The Gallery has a two-seat, permanent video installation ("The Cube") in the Main Hall. It is like a small, private theatre featuring about 10-15 minutes worth of presentations. Presentations range from the current "Artist Interview" series to lively slide show presentations featuring a particular artist, experimental photography presentations, and "techinique demonstration" video. One of the most poular video presentations has been the Time-Lapse photography of John Todd (UK). Presentations are changed every 30 days, so that there is fresh video for each First Friday Art Night event. Generally there are 3-5 video's on the playlist. There is no fee to participate in "The Cube" presentations. However, artists or video producers must submit their work in specific formats. Email director@redbluffartgallery.com to discuss your video. or

To Apply for video exhibition, simply send an email to phildynan@hotmail.com



Apply for a Gallery exhibition (Main Hall or Window) click here.


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