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601 Walnut street in downtown Red Bluff (across from the Wells Fargo Bank)

Open Tuesday-Friday 11-5
Saturday: Noon-4 pm

Gallery Phone (530) 529-1332

Art Classes at the Gallery


Workshops & Classes

Dallas Painting Art Class at the Gallery

Open Session Classes (multi-discipline)

Thursdays and Fridays, 12:30-2:30 & 2:30-4:30

Saturdays 12:30-2:30

Students for art classes Red Bluff Art Center

Students of all ages and abilities take the "Open" Classes





Special Events & Writing Workshop

None currently scheduled


  • Art Classes
  • (Open Studio Sessions for beginners to advanced with a demo of the day and open time to work on whatever project you wish.)
  • All Ages
  • (we currently have students ranging in age from 3 - 92 years old working together.)
  • All Mediums
  • (drawing, color pencil, watercolor pencil, watercolor, pastel, acrylic, oil painting and more.)
  • 530-529-1332


Art classes at the Red Bluff Art Gallery are taught the by University of California at Davis graduate in Studio Art, Anastasia Nelson with the assistance of world class instructors who exhibit in the gallery and around the world. The classes are a unique mixed multi-disciplinary open studio session where lots of great ideas flow between instructor and students of all ages and backgrounds in a gallery setting.

Open studio classes are for beginners to advanced artists of all ages. Come in and learn to bring your stick figure to life, or come in and take your advanced training to a new place. Perhaps you have heard of the water-mixable oils and want to switch to a new paint but aren't sure what paints are the best for you. In class you can try them out, included in the class fee, and if you like them get a discount when you check out. And perhaps your art will reach new heights of enjoyment in the gallery surrounded by art and artist, in a warm and inviting atmosphere of relaxed positive group instruction.

If you have never drawn or painted before and are afraid to try before, now is your time, we all can enjoy creating and sharing our creations with others. Some days we all create mud puddles and giggle as we splish-splash watercolors, other days are simply masterpieces. To quote Wayne Thiebaud, "Even Dega had his C days" and we all know how great his work is from his A days. A plus-plus. These classes are a win-win, from 3 years olds to 90+ year olds, they all come to class and enjoy expanding their art comfort zone, enriching their lives for years. Make new friends, grow new skills, come in and check it out. Art all around, historic building, across from Wells Fargo Bank and Bob's Tires in the sage green building on the corner that says ART. Come in and you will find a fun group of artist to join in making a unique artistic enrichment to the world. And enjoy local and international art to inspire you to create.